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A tarantula has a "sucking stomach." When the sucking stomach's powerful muscles contract, the stomach size increases, creating a strong sucking action that permits the tarantula to suck its liquefied prey up through the mouth and into the intestines.

Prowl knows what Chromedome did in his “past life,” which if it’s referring to the New Institute, happened after they had their falling out (this could  be about something that happened before that, but we know Chromedome was up to shady shit at the New Institute, and we have no reason to believe he was doing anything shady before that, so I’m comfortable with this assumption):

Tarantulas can bite and their bites are venomous. However, for most species, the toxicity of their venom is much like that of a bee or wasp. It is most likely to cause a nasty local reaction including pain, redness, and swelling. However, people can have an allergic or anaphylactic reaction to spider bites in the same way that some people react to bee stings, and this reaction can be fatal. Also, there are few species which have a stronger venom that could potentially be fatal or at least make the bite victim quite ill.

The Tarantulas Like  SpellboundThe Tarantulas Like  SpellboundThe Tarantulas Like  SpellboundThe Tarantulas Like  Spellbound