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After the breakup of The Drains, McGee and Innes moved to London and formed the band The Laughing Apple with Mark Jardim, a drummer from Croydon. [2] They recorded three singles in 1981 and 1982, two of which were released on Autonomy, and the third was put out on their own Essential record label. [ citation needed ] In 1983, quitting his job at British Rail , he co-founded Creation Records (named after cult 1960s band The Creation ) with Dick Green and Joe Foster . McGee said that his intention with Creation "was to merge psychedelia with punk rock". [2] He also formed the band Biff Bang Pow! (named after The Creation's song), which would continue until 1991, and began running a club night called "The Living Room" at The Adams Arms in Central London. He also began managing then-unknown The Jesus and Mary Chain , whose first single was issued on McGee's label in November 1984. [2]

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Laughing Apple The Ha Ha Hee Hee EPLaughing Apple The Ha Ha Hee Hee EPLaughing Apple The Ha Ha Hee Hee EPLaughing Apple The Ha Ha Hee Hee EP