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Older data suggests that gun violence might have been even more widespread previously. The rate of murder and manslaughter excluding negligence reached an apex in 1980, according to the FBI . That year, there were willful killings per 100,000 people. Although not a perfect measure of the overall rate of gun violence, the decline in the rate of murder and manslaughter is suggestive: Two in three homicides these days are committed with guns.

Upon becoming FCC chairman in April 2017, Ajit Pai proposed to repeal the policies; [18] [19] on December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in favor of repealing these policies, 3–2, along party lines, as the 2015 vote had occurred. [20] [21] [22] On January 4, 2018, the FCC published the official text for "Restoring Internet freedom" in the Code of Federal Regulations . [23]

Some researchers suggest that dreams serve no real purpose while others believe that dreaming is essential to mental, emotional and physical well-being. Ernest Hoffman, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Mass., suggested in Scientific American  (2006) that "...a possible (though certainly not proven) function of a dream to be weaving new material into the memory system in a way that both reduces emotional arousal and is adaptive in helping us cope with further trauma or stressful events."

Various Why Are We HereVarious Why Are We HereVarious Why Are We HereVarious Why Are We Here