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A photo capturing a perfectly normal scene, in a very rarely seen locale, captures perfectly what Ansel saw as uniquely interesting. Capturing twilight in a place of settling, far from exploding American urbanity, one can still see that rugged, palpable wilderness that man still struggles to accurately harness. Dominated by black, with clouds bursting the horizon of a setting sun, far off, in the desert distance, snow-capped mountains seem unreachable, for those who live in the modesty of the foreground. Devoid of a starry night, the crosses on the ground seem to provide a layer of inner light, as if grasping for that last bit of sunlight before “everything” goes to rest. This is something you hear in the music of The Journey. The scale is enormous, even though everything at the foreground seems so small and tethered.

Thomas Almqvist The JourneyThomas Almqvist The JourneyThomas Almqvist The JourneyThomas Almqvist The Journey