Unknown artist adam stag party record 7 - Unknown Artist - Adam Stag Party Record 6-Saturday Night.

Acquired in London in 1854.
The figures of Adam and Eve derived from an engraving of 1504 by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). The use of the Dürer engraving as a source for the figures implies that this piece dates to the time of the Dürer revival in the early seventeenth century. Because the family for whom this powder flask was almost certainly made was Tyrolean, it is likely to be Austrian, or perhaps South German.

An Eastern tradition says that the universe began like an egg. The shell cracked and chaos spewed forth in all directions. Out of the chaos of the five elements and the light and the dark, the first man created the universe; it took eighteen thousand years. Four animals assisted in this task: the dragon, the tortoise, the phoenix, and the unicorn. Upon completion of the task, the first man died and his body became the Earth, his blood the waters, and his breath the wind. His voice became thunder and his eyes became the sun and moon. His bones were stones and metals while his hair was vegetation, and his sweat became the rain. Each animal chose territory. The dragon went to the waters, the tortoise crawled into the swamp, and the phoenix flew to dry land. The unicorn, known as the K'i-lin in China, ran into the forests. These special animals rarely reveal themselves to humans. On two auspicious occasions does the unicorn choose to show itself: when the ruler is just and kind and when times are peaceful and prosperous. Also, when a great leader is about to die, the unicorn appears as a sign of loss. The Eastern unicorn is like a calf covered with dragon-like scales and bearing a silvery horn from its forehead. The K'i-lin reportedly appeared to the mother of Confucius before he was born. The unicorn is known as the Ki-rin in Japan, and it looks more like a lion than a calf. The tawny creature, with its thick mane and single horn, was fierce and had the ability to distinguish right from wrong, innocence from guilt. In India, the unicorn appeared to the mother of the Buddha before his birth. The animal was reported to be like a graceful golden gazelle with luminous brown eyes.

the book contains: cadunk, their jewels, forbidden fruit, a french crisis, and only a boy? food of the gods, on the delaware, grace before meat, midnight threnody,

Unknown Artist Adam Stag Party Record 7Unknown Artist Adam Stag Party Record 7Unknown Artist Adam Stag Party Record 7Unknown Artist Adam Stag Party Record 7