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David is a playwright. His plays include The Events , The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart , Monster in the Hall , Midsummer , Dunsinane , Yellow Moon , Damascus , Outlying Islands , The American Pilot , San Diego, Pyrenees , The Cosmonaut’s Last Message , Dr. Korczcak’s Example, The Architect and Europe . David’s adaptations include The Suppliant Women , The Father , The Lorax , Lanark, Creditors and Caligula. In 1990 he co-founded Suspect Culture Theatre Co., for whom he wrote Timeless, Mainstream & 8000M. Since 2016, David has been the Artistic Director of The Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh.

Rehm was born in Washington, . According to Rehm's autobiography , Finding My Voice , her father's family were Eastern Orthodox Christians from Ottoman Mersin , a city on the southern coast of Anatolia . According to Rehm, the family were Arabs , and her mother was an educated woman who was fluent in both French and Arabic . Rehm's father immigrated to America in 1911, following his older brothers. He returned to Mersin to marry her mother, but found that she and her family were living in Alexandria , Egypt. He brought her to America in 1929; family memories of how the two met vary. [7] In a 2012 interview in The Washingtonian , she describes her father as coming from Beirut , Lebanon. [8]

Charlie Parker Bird Is FreeCharlie Parker Bird Is FreeCharlie Parker Bird Is FreeCharlie Parker Bird Is Free