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After Confederate sympathizers during the Civil War named their mining claims after the sloop CSS Alabama, following victories against the North, the hills became known as the Alabama Hills, or the “Alabams”. Later Lone Pine became a popular movie location as the area offered a wide variety of locations – desert, sand dunes, hills, forested areas, prairies and grassland, rivers and river basins. The first movie to film in the Alabama Hills/Lone Pine may have been the comedy western The Roundup (George Melford) starring Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. Since then many genres situated their units in Lone Pine including Gunga Din (George Stevens, 1939), High Sierra (Raoul Walsh, 1941), Tremors (Ron Underwood, 1990) and Iron Man (Jon Favreau, 2008).  It was also a popular location for the Paramount series of Hopalong Cassidy films starring William Boyd and RKO’s post-war Tim Holt films. More recently Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino ( Django Unchained , 2012) have filmed in the Alabama Hills.

Budd was asked by Ralph Nelson to compose the music to Flight of the Doves , starring Ron Moody , Jack Wild and Stanley Holloway . Budd worked with Dana who sang the film's theme. In 1972 Budd recorded the score to Fear Is the Key , which was based on the Alistair MacLean novel. It was directed by Michael Tuchner and starred Suzy Kendall , Barry Newman , John Vernon , Ben Kingsley and Ray McAnally . Whilst recording the score, Budd was influenced by Ronnie Scott , Tubby Hayes and Kenny Baker , thus giving the music a jazz-sounding theme. Scott played the saxophone for the car chase sequence, which took place alongside the Mississippi River . According to Tuchner, "the sequence needed to be recorded in a continuous ten-minute plus take, whilst hitting split-second action cues so as to blend perfectly with the chase sound effects. Budd and his orchestra achieved this in just two takes".

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Nevertheless, Dwyer denied any wrongdoing. Federal prosecutors offered him a single charge of bribe receiving (which would have meant up to a maximum of five years' imprisonment), resignation from his office as Treasurer of Pennsylvania and full cooperation with the government's investigation but he refused. Instead Dwyer went to full trial. However his defense was curtailed by the prosecution because the case was limited to only those who had been charged. The names of the unindicted co-conspirators who were linked in the bribery scandal but were not on trial were withheld. These unnamed individuals were believed to have been staff members of the Dauphin County Republican Party . [10]

Roy Budd With The Tony Hatch Orchestra Mr Rose Summer RainRoy Budd With The Tony Hatch Orchestra Mr Rose Summer RainRoy Budd With The Tony Hatch Orchestra Mr Rose Summer RainRoy Budd With The Tony Hatch Orchestra Mr Rose Summer Rain