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Never Mind the Ballots è il secondo album in studio del gruppo musicale britannico Chumbawamba , pubblicato nel 1987.

Best Albums of   1987 1. The Joshua Tree by U2 2. Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses 3. Sign 'O' The Times by Prince 4. Strangeways, Here We Come by The Smiths 5. You're Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr. 6. Document by . 7. Bad by Michael Jackson 8. Louder Than Bombs by The Smiths 9. Sister by Sonic Youth 10. Hysteria by Def Leppard 11. Substance by New Order 12. Music For The Masses by Depeche Mode 13. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure 14. Kick by INXS 15. Paid In Full by Eric B. & Rakim 16. Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain 17. Diesel And Dust by Midnight Oil 18. Tunnel Of Love by Bruce Springsteen 19. Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun by Dead Can Dance 20. Come On Pilgrim by Pixies

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And no sarcasm from me, dull, isn't it...
Never mind, wait until about volume 22, they start putting bad late period Julian Cope in.
I'll be in spitting mode by that point, I promise.

Spirit of Independents (Indie Top 20 Volume 5)
CD, Cassette, LP

(Nov 1988)
2xLP (UK) 1988  Beechwood Music TT05
CD (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05CD
MC (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05MC

1. Something Nice - ROBERT LLOYD
2. Silk Skin Paws - WIRE
3. Dreams Never End - NEW ORDER
4. Blind Box - KING BLANK
5. Mayfair - QUIREBOYS
6. Cat House - DANIELLE DAX
7. She's Lost Control - JOY DIVISION
8. Collision - LOOP
9. Church Of No Return - CHRISTIAN DEATH
12. Jesus Loves Amerika - THE SHAMEN
13. Son Of Nothing - WOLFHOUNDS
14. Solace - SEA URCHINS
15. Dying For It - VASELINES
16. Shame On You - DARLING BUDS
17. Bringing Up A Baby - TALULAH GOSH
19. I'm In Love With A Girl... - ANOTHER SUNNY DAY
20. Love Will Tear Us Apart - SWANS

Although I could get an early start in here, yes, alright we've got Loop, The Vaselines (prized by Nirvana), New Order, Swans (covering Joy Division!) and Wire, but, honestly, Christian Death? Must we?
And the Quireboys? Why, for goodness sake....

All would be lost, but thank god, Pop Will Eat Itself wade in with the great "Def Con One".
No, really.

Ok, I meant Joy Division.

Chumbawamba Never Mind The BallotsChumbawamba Never Mind The BallotsChumbawamba Never Mind The BallotsChumbawamba Never Mind The Ballots