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“If some of the sitting councillors lose, you could potentially have a majority of rookies,” said Andre Chabot , who opted to contest the mayor’s race after 12 years on council.

"Fantastic production. An excellent use of the Goldcorp Stage. Beautiful music, timeless story and wonderfully acted by a talented cast"
–Valerie, Vancouver

Kroeger: “The big climax of the song at the third chorus, when there’s a stop and I sing ‘for handing you a heart worth breaking’, that was our drum tech’s idea. He was like ‘you guys should do a big stop there.’ We already had those ‘ I’ve been wrong/I’ve been down ’ lines where we were stopping, but we needed the third chorus to do something special. We paid him $5,000 for that – for one suggestion!”

Are you looking forward to the debut of “The Dragon”? Are you worried about Dig? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

In some places near the seaward margins of areas with fjords, the ice-scoured channels are so numerous and varied in direction that the rocky coast is divided into thousands of island blocks, some large and mountainous while others are merely rocky points or rock reefs , menacing navigation. These are called skerries . [16] The term skerry is derived from the Old Norse sker , which means a rock in the sea. [18]

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 · Why stop at four Big Bads when you can have five? Arrow‘s considerable roster of Season 6 foes gains a new member this Thursday (The CW, 9/8c) when ...

Books are discarded and the neck gets a good work-out as every twist in the track opens up an enthralling landscape. Among so many peaks it’s hard to identify particular mountains, but the tallest in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson (3,954m/12,972ft), can be seen to the north. Shortly after Kamloops the Thompson River widens into Kamloops Lake, which attracts mallards, spotted sandpiper and osprey.

Climax You I Vancouver CityClimax You I Vancouver CityClimax You I Vancouver CityClimax You I Vancouver City