Frankie valli is the word - Big Girls Don t Cry - Celebrating The Music Of Frankie.

People at the gym who are doing weight training will often “spot” for each other. This means that the person who is spotting assists in the lift, allowing the “lifter” to work with more weight than usual.

The hits and memories just keep on coming as multi-award winning ROY G HEMMINGS and his 15 strong on stage full evening show delivers memories of a twin era of music that lives on and on.

In a time when the artists of the 1950’s and 1960’s are producing less new music than ever, Kid Kyle has picked up the baton and released a brand new CD, filled mainly with doo wopp standards.  The disc kicks off with Anthony & The Sophomores’ “Play Those Oldies Mr. DJ” and the romp continues
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Our goal is to develop products which give the wonderful sensation of FPV flight for all the people. Focused on the micro FPV racing drone (wheelbase under 150mm), our products allow anyone to step into the FPV racing scene with little effort and a bit less cost.

Frankie Valli Is The WordFrankie Valli Is The WordFrankie Valli Is The WordFrankie Valli Is The Word