Acdc beating around the bush - Beating Around The Bush by AC/DC - YouTube

Although the group is generally considered to be a pioneer of Hard rock and Heavy metal music (they are ranked number 4 on VH1's '100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock'), the members have always referred to their music as Rock 'n' roll. Overall, AC/DC are the most successful and well-known band to originate from Australia. In 2005 the band finished second in a list of highest-earning entertainers from Australia – trailing only The Wiggles – despite neither releasing an album nor touring that year. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, brothers Angus, Malcolm and George Young moved, along with their family to Sydney, Australia when the boys wer... years active 1973 — present (time) origin Sydney, Australia country Australia
United Kingdom music genre Hard rock
Rock and Roll
Blues Rock current members Angus Young
Malcolm Young
Brian Johnson
Cliff Williams
Phil Rudd past members Bon Scott Deceased
Dave Evans (singer) license: GNU FDL
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ACDC Beating Around The BushACDC Beating Around The BushACDC Beating Around The BushACDC Beating Around The Bush