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The seeds of the pumpkin (pepitas - pronounced peh-PEE-tah) are used in cooking as well as a snack food. The white hulls enclose a flat, oval shaped, pale green seed that is sweet and nutty in flavor. Pumpkin seeds can be found in health and natural food stores, as well as some grocery stores. They are sold hulled and unhulled. Toasting the seeds gives them a wonderful flavor and crisp texture.  

Note:  It is important that you store your ghost in a cool dry place in between seasons to keep him from loosing his shape.  Basements and attics are notoriously bad for storing this type of decoration.

The choir of The Assumption of The Virgin Mary Byzantine Catholic Church sings selections from a Christmastime Liturgy. Trenton, New Jersey. Choir conducted by Andrew Skitko; Pastor: Fr. Gregory Noga.

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Tatter edges of cloth with scissors if desired. Attach a screw eye with a bit of glue to the top of the head; thread with monofilament to hang from hooks.

Easter CheeseclothEaster CheeseclothEaster CheeseclothEaster Cheesecloth