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After more than two decades of music ministry, Phillips, Craig, and Dean remain as passionate as ever about sharing the Gospel through music. They’ve seen the impact a great song can have on a congregation, while serving as pastors in their home churches, and as they’ve traveled and performed all over the world. Hearing how their songs have touched people is a precious gift each member of Phillips, Craig, and Dean treasures and it motivates them to continue pulling double duty as both pastors and musicians. “The call to pastor is a calling that God puts on your heart. We’ve raised up three really great, strong churches where, not only the lost were saved, but discipleship happens and communities form,” says Craig. “On the music side, the music is just in us. It’s what we’ve always loved since we were just kids. To have a national and an international stage is beyond our wildest dreams. That part of it is still so empowering. It’s so incredible when churches sing our songs, when people write us and tell us that they were going through a particular thing in their life, they heard one of our songs and it changed them. It’s just something you don’t get over and it keeps it fresh.”

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The Jays, though, were in precisely the wrong place — that is, the AL East — at precisely the wrong time — that is, the ascendancy of the New York Yankees. The Jays’ 88 victories would have tied them with the Texas Rangers in the AL West and left them one game behind Cleveland in the Central. And given the imbalance of the schedule and the heavy load of in-division games against the Yankees (114 wins) and the Red Sox (92), it’s easy to imagine the Jays rolling into the playoffs if they had just been elsewhere. Their misfortune was to come along before the advent of the second wild-card and the play-in game. “If somehow we had been able to get into the post-season we could have gone deep, especially with our starters,” Green says, pointing to Clemens, who went 20-6, and Carpenter and Escobar, the latter an unexpected breakthrough in mid-summer.

Theo realizes Shawn has betrayed him and decides Shawn has to be taken out so after Jason and Shawn attempt to lure Theo to a location he sends his men in his place and orders them to open fire turning it into a shootout. Jason got away but Carly finds a wounded Shawn passed out on the side of the road and brings him to her house and helps him tend to his wound. Sonny Corinthos Carly's ex soon arrives at her house looking for Shawn as he blames him for having a role in planting the car bomb and with the disappearance of his now wife Brenda. Shawn tells Sonny he had nothing to do with it and that it was all Theo's plan, Sonny doesn't believe it and has his goons tie Shawn up with orders to kill him if he doesn't talk. Sonny ultimately doesn't do anything and when he leaves Shawn is taken to the hospital to get proper care.

Accomplishments: Charles B. Rangel Fellow 2014. Through the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program, I will be interning overseas in a . Embassy.

By 1995 Phillips was a multi-millionaire, and was well known in celebrity and sports circles. Athletes like José Canseco would contact Phillips for advice on steroids, [17] and he also consulted with celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld , John Elway , Sylvester Stallone and Demi Moore . [18] [19]

Along with longtime friend and business associate, Jay Jackson, Jadakiss launched an online multimedia creative collective called SoRaspy [13] that also serves as an umbrella company for his business endeavors which include an online publication, record label, apparel, and a YouTube channel. [14]

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Shawn Phillips The New Frankie And Johnnie SongShawn Phillips The New Frankie And Johnnie SongShawn Phillips The New Frankie And Johnnie SongShawn Phillips The New Frankie And Johnnie Song